Award winning work for print and digital clients

How I got here & How I work

I morphed an undergraduate degree in literature with my skill for drawing and found the field of Information Graphics. Working my way up in the print world I moved from Time Inc. to Newsweek. I ran the Information Graphics group at Newsweek while I did a MFA in Illustration at the  School of Visual Arts. My freelance career followed.

1. Ethnographic illustrations

Much of my work shows people in real world environments. Images are based on a researched compilation of photographs and visual notes during interviews.


2. Covers and interior art for “A Child’s Introduction To...” series

•700,000 copies in print
•My illustrations define the series, while author/experts vary.
•Topics such as Astronomy, Art History, Ballet, The Environment, Greek Myth, Poetry, Orchestra, Natural History,  and The World. For each book I do the cover as well as about 100 interior drawings. You can see the collection here .


3. Illustration for wide range of clients, from book publishers to vineyards. A snapshot of the variety of work:


4. Information graphics

I began my illustration career as an information visualizer at Time Incorporated, then moved on to Newsweek where I ran the information graphics department for 8 years.