Meredith Hamilton






My jobs at Time Inc, and Newsweek, when both were powerhouses of good design, strongly shaped me. The skills and thought processes I learned at these organizations feed directly into my illustration work.


Illustration and UX have a great deal in common: problem solving, working collaboratively, basing decisions on research, and crafting narratives for specific audiences.

Wide range of clients

My illustration work ranges widely in clients, but not in style. I have created images for glass sculptures for Steuben, illustrated cookbooks, and even provided keyframe drawings for animated ads for Singapore Airlines.

A long running collaboration

Book series for older children: Many of the titles in this series with Hachette/Black Dog & Leventhal have been translated into multiple languages.

Ethnographic illustrations

 My observation of details and environments are often expressed with visuals.


Out there

A mural at a restaurant in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The work is about the neighborhood, gentrification pressures, and the Italian heritage of the owners. It also reflects my fascination with painting people as ghosts or with collaged Victorian animal heads.