Human centered designer

I am a UX designer with a background in visual storytelling and journalism. Observation of human behavior has been a touchstone throughout my career. Whether designing an interface for memory care patients, a mobile app for children, or an information graphic for Newsweek, I have always been keenly aware of the needs of my audience. Communicating a story to a specific population–no matter the platform–brings me great joy.
For me, both methodology and magic are braided into the UX process. The methodology is reassuring to follow, while the magic lies in observation of real people. George Saunders, a favorite author of mine, writes “an artist works outside the realm of strict logic. Simply knowing one’s intention and then executing it does not make good art.”
The common thread between my illustration and UX work is my ability to observe people without a preconceived outcome in mind. For instance, the parallel between my portraits of Macy’s employees and research insights for a startup is clear: both are based on observation of real people who are often unpredictable.  For me, the process of internalizing their behaviors and using them as a design framework is magical. I bring this sensitivity to my all my work, no matter the medium, platform, or client.

Photo: New Womens Space